BCS is owned and operated by Bill & Joanne Cote; life-long residents located in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Bill has been in the automotive industry since the 1980’s, and since 2015 BCS has taken care of on-site service and maintenance needs for large and small garage and repair shops as well as home-based automotive hobbyists.

About Us

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We provide lift services including installation, repairs, annual inspections, and maintenance, as well as repairing a whole host of garage equipment.

Our Team


We have a team of experienced technicians who come to your commercial or home garage and repair and install new and used equipment.



We are proud to be a company dedicated to doing the best job we can for our customers.

Our goal is provide the best possible experience for you.

BCS Automotive

Lakeville, MA


For garage equipment service and repair you can rely on, call BCS today!